The Landmark Apartment Features
May 18, 2017

When you begin the search for a new home, what’s the essential feature of your new place? Is it a safe home with good security in a safe location? Is it a luxurious apartment filled with excellent amenities? Is it a place that’s close to your work, entertainment venues, or parks?

There’s a good chance your “perfect” apartment is a combination of all of those features, and The Landmark Apartments in Albuquerque can fill virtually every one of your “must haves” in a new home. If you’re not yet familiar with our amazing apartment community and are still searching for a new home in Albuquerque, here are some of the features our residents like best.

Stepping Outside Your Apartment Means Greeting a Wealth of Community Features

Albuquerque Apartments with GymThere’s nothing inherently wrong with living in a “bare bones” apartment that offers residents just enough for a comfortable and hassle-free existence. However, having an apartment that you enjoy returning to each evening after work probably means more than having an on-site laundry room. At The Landmark, you’ll find a sparkling heated pool, as well as a park area and a place where you can barbecue with friends and family.

If it’s too hot or cold outside for your liking, you can also head inside to the 24-hour cardio fitness center or spend some time in the library or social room. We also have a place for you to do your laundry, but it’s much more than a small room in the basement with a few washers and some ominous, flickering fluorescent lights overhead. Our community features are there for you when you want to enjoy them and they will wait for you when you’re busy with other activities, too.

Our Apartment Interiors are Contemporary, Spacious, & Come with Killer Views

Living in a high-rise apartment like The Landmark means you get to see all the gorgeous views around Albuquerque from your own living room or bedroom. However, the views outside our apartments for rent in Albuquerque aren’t the only reason you’ll love coming home each evening to your apartment. Each of our apartments also has many welcome conveniences designed to make your life easier.

It’s never fun to realize your refrigerator is bursting at the seams because of an overabundance of ice. You don’t want to have to spend your Saturday afternoon defrosting the freezer. That’s why we provide frost-free refrigerators to all our residents, as well as microwaves and dishwashers. Reduce the time you spend cleaning in your kitchen with a convenient dishwasher, and spend more time relaxing or with your family each evening.

We Allow Your Furry Friends to Come Along

We’re proud of our pet-friendly status and want to make sure that our residents who own a cat or two can come to live in our beautiful apartment community without worrying that they’ll have to leave their furry family members behind. We allow each unit up to two cats, and we even refund a portion of your deposit when you depart.

Live With Us at The Landmark Apartments in Albuquerque

We’re excited to show you around our wonderful property and are here each day for you to visit and explore. Our one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments in Albuquerque are designed with luxury, convenience, and relaxation in mind, and we’re sure you’ll want to put in an application after your visit. Get in touch today to set up a time to visit and see your future apartment in Albuquerque.