June 20, 2017

Exploring your new home in Albuquerque means discovering new places to eat, venues for entertainment, and ways to occupy yourself when you’re not working at your job, attending classes at your school, or running errands for the kids and taking them to various lessons. If you’re new to Albuquerque and living at The Landmark Apartments, the city has many ways to entertain you this summer.

Summer Festivals and Events in Albuquerque

From wine festivals to music events, Albuquerque has something entertaining occurring just about every weekend during the summer months. The end of May sees the Albuquerque Wine Festival arrive, and early June will see the Heights Summerfest begin. The Albuquerque Film & Music Experience will also begin in early June and will be followed in mid-June by the Festival Flamenco Internacional de Albuquerque.

In late June, you can explore an art exhibition called “Pueblo Revolt” by Virgil Ortiz, the 2016 Artist-in-Residence and celebrate the flowers of Lavender in the Village in mid-July. The summer season of entertainment continues with the Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque on July 12th, and the Route 66 Summerfest arrives on July 22nd. You can close out July by attending the Edgewood Arts & Music Festival.

When August arrives, antique lovers will want to attend the Annual Great Southwestern Antique Show. The 2017 edition will be the 19th annual meeting of antique sellers in Albuquerque. Early August also sees Downtown Summerfest and its musical entertainment arrive, and mid-August welcomes The Macaroni & Cheese Festival, which is probably a gathering that’ll get you out of your apartment in Albuquerque

Spending Time Outside in Albuquerque in the Summer

Riding bicycles is a popular pursuit in Albuquerque, and there are several local businesses that rent bikes for the afternoon. However, if you enjoy getting outside on your bicycle frequently, you might want to consider purchasing a bicycle of your own to keep at your Albuquerque apartment. You’ll definitely want to hit the Paseo del Bosque Trail at some point.

If peddling isn’t your cup of tea, you may wish to play a round at the Sandia Golf Club, which is described as having a “quirky” course in a beautiful and picturesque location. You don’t need to count yourself as an expert in golf to enjoy visiting the course. Once you’ve had your fill of Sandia, you can also spend a Saturday morning at Isleta Golf Club, which is just south of the airport in Albuquerque.

What to Do in Albuquerque Inside in the Summer

Like most large American cities, Albuquerque has several popular places to hear live music, as well as get good food and drink. For example, the Blue Grasshopper Brew Pub Taproom is one popular venue for music, and the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History has a popular gallery tour each afternoon at 2 PM. If you find the weather isn’t cooperating for an outdoor adventure, gathering at a pub for food and music. 

Enjoy the Summer at The Landmark Apartments of Albuquerque

Enjoying the summer doesn’t take much effort when you’re a resident of Albuquerque since festivals arrive continuously throughout the year, and the city is also surrounded by outdoor venues that are ideal for all sorts of healthy activities like hiking, walking, and bicycling. Spend the summer with us at The Landmark in your new Albuquerque apartment. Contact us today for information on a visit, a tour, and getting the key to your very own home.