What to Expect During Your Albuquerque Commute
November 29, 2017

The length of your commute to work or school each day in Albuquerque may depend on your mode of transportation, as well as the location of your apartment. According to U.S. News & World Report, the average commute for a resident of Albuquerque is 23.4 minutes.

Simple Options for Reducing Your Commute

You may choose a particular Albuquerque apartment community because it offers convenient proximity to a child’s school, but that choice might result in a much longer commute to work. Reducing the length of your commute is possible, even if you live many miles away from your workplace or school.

For example, you may wish to explore an alternative schedule at work. If your manager or department will allow it, you may be able to work hours that allow you to travel outside of the busiest commuting hours in the city. If you work a traditional 9 to 5 job, consider starting work at 8 or 10 in the morning.

You may also wish to consider upgrading your vehicle to a hybrid or electric model to save money on gas. You can figure out whether paying to plug in your car is cheaper than buying gasoline by gauging the number of miles you can travel on 10 watts of power used versus how many gallons of gas you would have to buy to travel that same distance in a gas-powered car.

The Toyota Prius is an extraordinarily popular hybrid, but most other car companies also have excellent hybrid and electric models available. Chevrolet makes the Volt, which travels 50 miles on electric power and then switches to gasoline for trips of greater than 50 miles, and they also make the Spark EV which travels around 80 miles on electricity but requires recharging for further travel.

After federal tax rebates on the purchase of an electric vehicle, you may find that buying one as your next new car won’t cost you as much as you think!

Considering a Bicycle Commute

With a high number of sunny days each year, Albuquerque exists as an excellent city in which to commute by bicycle. The temperatures do get hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but the temperatures aren’t so extreme that bicycle commuters must put away their bicycles for months and months of the year.

A bicycle rental shop in Albuquerque offers some simple tips for adopting a bicycle commute:

  • Choose a bicycle that’s appropriate for the roads on which you’ll travel.
  • Buy a strong lock if you must store your bicycle outside.
  • Learn about bicycle safety before you begin your commuting schedule.
  • Take a few practice runs of your route before you have to travel it for real.
  • Start out using your bicycle a few days a week and work up to a full five days.

Commuting by bicycle isn’t the right choice for everyone, but it’s certainly one option for residents of Albuquerque. The city’s parks and recreation department reveals that the city actually has more than 400 miles of bike paths and trails running through it. The city also offers bicycle maps, safety classes, and listings for groups, events, and bicycling clubs.

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